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Durum Carbon

Durum Carbon

Explosive growth in the human population over the last 200 years has resulted in a significant increase in energy demand.

Energy consumption has outpaced population growth by a 3:1 ratio since 1900. The result of this human experiment is unprecedented levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases with the potential to adversely affect our environment.

The Government of Canada's climate policy emphasizes that putting a carbon price on industrial emissions has proven to reduce carbon pollution and encourage innovation.

Opportunity and Mandate

A global movement towards decarbonization has created an exceptional opportunity for investors. The Government of Canada has proposed mandated annual increases for the price of carbon emissions by industrial emitters.

Durum Carbon is an investment fund created to provide investors with unique exposure to the rapidly growing asset class of carbon credits.

We have assembled the team, structure and strategy to capitalize on this opportunity. Durum Carbon’s competitive advantage lies in its ability to:

  • Access and acquire carbon credits from accredited projects and producers.
  • Manage the ownership of credits and purchase and sale opportunities.
  • Continue to develop relationships with large emitters who are seeking access and price assurance for purchasing future carbon credit.

The global movement towards decarbonization is creating a fascinating industry. For investor information click here.

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Spencer Gordon, CFA
Vice President, Durum Capital | Administrator of Durum Carbon

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