Durum Capital

Durum Capital Corporation (Durum) is a Calgary, Alberta based private investment firm that owns and manages investments across multiple asset classes.

We aim to generate attractive returns by following a deliberate and time tested methodology of employing high-quality people, guided by a high standards culture, and aligning our interests with our partners.

We are an environment that fosters original thought and takes decisive yet considerate and responsible action. We thrive in complex situations where we can create synergies by challenging the status quo. We are here for the long term and guide our actions and investment decisions accordingly.

Durum believes businesses and their competitive edge is at the core of what drives humanity forward. Thoughtfully assembled, businesses create immense value beyond their tangible products, services and economic returns. Durum takes pride in its role in building exceptional businesses.

We’re in the process of building a new website but for general inquiries and investor relations please call 403-541-5303 or email at info@durum.ca

Dedicated To Building Enduring Value