Our Vision

Callisto, formerly known as Spruce Ridge, is a project comprised of approximately 927 acres of development land on the southwestern edge of the City of Calgary. A new community built on the historic values of land conservation and responsible stewardship, dedicated to the protecting open spaces and vital wildlife corridors.

Approximately 927 acres in the Municipal District of Foothills will create the halo of protection around this vital and sensitive area.

100 single family homes will be strategically positioned to minimize the impact on the lands. The homeowners will be educated on techniques that invoke perpetual care and stewardship of the conservation areas.

Design will preserve existing structures and create rural character in the architecture of homes and amenity spaces. The entire community will be crafted from a sustainable template. The preservation of the Dark Skies and boundary conditions with established residential and agricultural land uses, will also be an important consideration.

This community will set a sophisticated precedent for any future development in this area. We are committed to ensuring the focus remains on wildlife, and the residences will be carefully placed to respect and integrate into the natural landscape.



  • Director and past Director of a number of organizations including ATB Financial, United, Churchill, and Black Diamond
  • Calgary Business Hall of Fame Inductee and Recipient of University of Calgary’s Distinguished Business Leader Award


  • President & Director for Hunter Duckworth Communications which services the hotel industry and a variety of printing customers
  • Director for Sheraton Holdings Ltd. & Railside Capital Inc.
  • President & CEO of Foundation Place Capital Inc.


  • 20+ Years of sales and sales management experience within the internet and print advertising industry
  • Nomination for excellence in Leadership and inducted into the Verizon Hall of Fame


  • 35+ Years in sporting goods retail
  • Former President & Owner of Forzani Group Ltd. & now manages and controls the national supply chain
  • Designed and built FGL’s distribution centers
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