Durum is a private real estate company based in Calgary, Alberta. Founded in 2012, Durum owns, manages and operates a portfolio of industrial and development properties in Alberta. Our focus has been on investing in properties close to home to provide the best service and care to our tenants, properties, and development projects. We have a hands-on approach and our team is comprised of professionals who are creative and adaptable. As we diversify our portfolio, our objective is to maintain this approach and deliver the same quality service and care.


Durum strives to build a strong foundation for its assets and creating value for its investors by stabilizing and optimizing real estate assets. Typically our investment style consists of buying properties at attractive prices and where time is limited. We have the opportunity to add time and optimize value with responsible capital structures, governance, alignment of interest and our quality team.


Creating partnerships and alignment is a strategy we feel is necessary, with our investors, the community, government, planners and seasoned developers. Durum’s mission is to “make the world a better place”. Durum has a long-term vision and our team strives to create and maintain places where people want to be with innovative and quality design. We listen to the community and our tenants to deliver what they want and desire.