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Bow Water & Land Trust

Bow Water & Land is an investment opportunity managed by Durum Capital Inc. comprised of 298.5 acres of undeveloped land and a large prospective water allocation for up to 1,200 acre-feet of water per year.


The Lands are located 6.4 kilometers west of the City of Calgary bordering 1.6 km of the Trans-Canada Highway and adjacent to Calaway Park, a popular summer destination. The prospective water allocation provides for up to 1,200 acre feet of water per year (enough to service approximately 3,500 homes or 10,000 people annually). The prospective water allocation is nearly 10 times larger than the required amount of water for any future development of the Lands.


The Lands provide strategic long-term development potential as the City of Calgary and the surrounding communities continue to grow. In managing the land development project plan, we seek to add value to the lands by addressing four key components of the planning phase (prior to any deep servicing costs). These key components include: water access and treatment; wastewater treatment and disposal; road access; and land use designation & subdivision.



Investment Category: Growth

Securities Offered: Investor Units

Maximum Offering: Aggregate proceeds up to $30,000,000

Investor Returns: 10% Targeted Preferred Return Per Annum (Simple, Accrued – Paid at Exit) plus 55% profit sharing to Investors

Minimum Subscription: 1,000 Units


Please contact your Authorized Dealing Representative for further information about Bow Water & Land Trust. This is not an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities of any kind.